Smudge Stick

    Introducing Smudge Stick, from the Manifest Collection. Immerse yourself in the captivating aromas of sage and sea salt, 

    Derived from the ancient traditions of smudging, sage is widely recognized for its ability to cleanse and purify spaces, while sea salt is renowned for its purifying and balancing properties. Together, they synergistically work to embrace your goal of removing negative energy from your surroundings.

    As you burn this wax melt, close your eyes and breathe in the subtle fragrance. Let the aromatic notes transport you to a serene and peaceful state, creating an atmosphere ideal for reflection, meditation, and manifestation. 

    Our Smudge Stick wax melt was designed to infuse your space with a scent that promotes positive energy, clarity, and balance. Let the power of sage and sea salt guide you on your journey to a more tranquil and uplifting environment, enhancing your ability to manifest your goals of removing negative energy.

    *Disclaimer* Approx 50g, colours, shapes and patterns  may vary 

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