Rose Quartz

    Our specially curated Rose Quartz wax melts are designed to create an atmosphere that supports your goal of attracting love, use each wax melt with a powerful mantra to help focus your energy towards this intention.

    The Rose Quartz wax melt draws upon the centuries-old beliefs of the properties of Rose, Jasmine and Musk.  Rose carries the essence of love and passion, Jasmine adds a touch of sensuality and allure, while Musk creates an irresistible magnetic aura. Combined, these scents harmonize to help create an ambiance that encourages love and attraction.

    Colors have a profound impact on our emotions and can contribute to creating the desired ambiance for attracting love. In our Rose Quartz Wax Melts, we have carefully chosen the color pink for its association with love and romance.

    Use the Rose Quartz Wax Melts to aid you in manifesting  feelings of love. Allow the soft glow of  wax burner  to envelop your surroundings, creating a visual reminder of your intention to manifest love into your life. 

    • Top notes sakura blossom, white peony and Asian pears 
    • Middle notes rose, mimosa petals, jasmine and Fuji apples finishing with 
    • Base notes leafy greens, fresh lemongrass and white musk

    *Disclaimer* Approx 50g, colours, shapes and patterns  may vary 

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