Our Prosperity wax melt is crafted to enhance your manifestation of prosperity goals. This enchanting wax melt is elegantly colored in a soft shade of purple, symbolizing wealth and abundance.

    As you ignite the fragrant essence of Prosperity, the top notes reveal a harmonious blend of invigorating citrus, evoking a sense of energy, optimism, and inspiration. 

    As the scent unfolds, mid-notes of lush green herbs and earthy botanicals gracefully weave together. The herbal infusion offers a reminder of nature's generosity, enhancing your connection to the natural world and harnessing its abundant energy.

    Use the scent of our Prosperity wax melt to empower and aline your aspirations for wealth and success. As the scent pervades your space focus your mind and allow the scent to strengthen your intentions and your manifestation abilities to flourish and guide you toward a prosperous future.

    *Disclaimer* Approx 50g, colours, shapes and patterns  may vary 

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